Manage your wheezing worries

Let’s Get Started!

Before you begin

Charge your AirSonea by inserting the USB cable provided into the USB port at the bottom of the device. Red LED turns off when fully charged. Charging can take up to 4 hours. Sensor head should be closed.


Pair your smartphone to AirSonea

To pair the device, you will need to navigate to the Bluetooth® settings on your smartphone.


Prepare for your first
WheezeRATE™ Measurement

Turn on your AirSonea by sliding the Power Slide Switch to ON. The LED will be solid blue. Avoid talking and other loud noises.


Calibrate your AirSonea sensor

Calibrate your AirSonea sensor and smartphone’s microphone by holding the two devices close to each other.


Measure your WheezeRATE™

Place the AirSonea sensor directly on your windpipe (trachea). Proper placement is important. Press the Record button on the app. Breathe normally for about 30 seconds. The app will tell you if it can’t detect your breathing or there’s too much noise.


WheezeRATE™ Results

When the measurement is complete, follow the prompts and remove the device from your neck. Your WheezeRATE measurement will be displayed on your smartphone screen after analysis.