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A breakthrough in asthma management

AirSonea™ helps control your asthma worries by accurately recording breathing sounds and detecting wheeze, without interrupting daily activities. Together with the AsthmaSense® app, you can check your WheezeRATE™, understand your symptoms, triggers, and then give objective data to your physician to help increase your asthma control. It’s like having your own asthma guardian.

Live your life, monitor your asthma, manage your worries.

Expert Opinions

"It's now possible to listen to your wheeze, record it on your smartphone, and send it to the cloud."
- Dr. John D'Arcy

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Personal Stories

"AirSonea moves you away from being reactionary to being proactive."
- Ben Richards, Father.

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We've been inspired by the first-hand stories of how asthma has affected lives and would like to share the journeys, triumphs and hurdles asthmatics encounter on a daily basis.

“It’s been a complete change of mind set. Now I have clarity and confidence about how I manage Lachlan’s asthma. Airsonea moves you away from being reactionary to being proactive.”
- Ben Richards, father Read More